New and Amended Regulations and Policies

The following Policies and Regulations that have been adopted and amended in the last 30 days are listed below for informational purposes only. The documents are in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader in order to view the documents.

Adopted Date Title Regulation or Policy Number New, Amended, or Technically Amended

Proposed Regulations and Policies (status noted with regard to comment period and further review if applicable)

The following documents are in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader in order to view the documents.

Posted Date Title Regulation or Policy Number New or Amend or Repeal Status Comment Period Closing Date User Feedback
10/17/19 Auxiliary Fund Internal Loan Policy Policy TBD New Proposed 11/16/2019 Comment period open
10/10/19 Student Registration Changes, Initial, Drop/Add, Withdrawal, and Auditing Policy 10-006 Amend Pending Final Signature 11/11/2019 Comment period closed
8/6/19 Information Technology Governance Structure Policy 0-512 Amend Pending Final Signature 9/5/2019 Comment period closed
6/28/17 Benefit and Hours Work Regulation 10.203 Amend Pending Further Review 7/12/17 Comment period closed


The following Regulations and Policies have been technically amended or are under review as part of the ongoing Consolidation efforts. Although the technical amendments are effective immediately, this posting is published for informational purposes and will remain on this website until July 2020. In addition, specific technical amendments may be sent to the Regulations and Policies listserv for informational purposes at the Responsible Office’s request.The documents are in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader in order to view the documents.

Adopted Date/ Repealed for Review Title Regulation or Policy Number Status
11/15/19 Course Notes and Recordings Policy 10-048 Amended - Consolidation
11/15/19 Posthumous Degrees Policy 10-047 Amended - Consolidation
11/15/19 Attendance for the Observance of Religious Days by Students Policy 10-045 Amended - Consolidation
10/10/19 Cancellation of Registration for Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees and Returned Checks In Payment of Tuition Regulation 4.010 Amended - Consolidation
10/10/19 Student Registration Regulation 4.0101 Amended - Consolidation
10/10/19 Accounts Receivable Regulation 4.009 Amended - Consolidation
10/8/19 Academic Records from Other Institutions Policy 10-044 Amended - Consolidation
10/8/19 Student Exchange Policy Policy 10-043 Amended - Consolidation
10/3/19 Mandatory Orientation for New Undergraduate Students Policy 10-035 Amended - Consolidation
10/3/19 Credit-by-Examination Policy 10-017 Amended - Consolidation
10/3/19 Delegations of General Authority and Signatory Authority Policy 0-100 Amended - Consolidation
10/3/19 Governance Policy Policy 07-001 Repealed for Review
9/27/19 Financial Aid on Refunds and Payments Policy 10-013 Amended - Consolidation
9/27/19 Testing and Final Examinations Policy 10-005 Amended - Consolidation
9/23/19 Transient Students Policy 10-001 Amended - Consolidation
9/23/19 Copyrighted Materials – Use and General Principles Policy 0-105 Amended - Consolidation
9/18/19 Textbook and Supply Ordering Policy 5-019 Amended - Consolidation
9/17/19 Textbook and Instructional Materials Affordability Regulation 3.029 Amended - Consolidation
9/10/19 Employment References – Providing and Obtaining Employment Reference Information Policy 0-616 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/30/19 Credit Hours Policy 10-065 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/30/19 Accreditation Reporting Policy 10-064 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/29/19 Academic Learning Compacts & Student Learning Outcomes Policy 10-060 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/30/19 Non-traditional Education Including Online Delivery and Continuing Education Policy 10-042 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/28/19 Faculty Credentials for Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Policy 10-115 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/28/19 Representation of Educational Program Material Policy 10-070 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/28/19 Identity Verification of Distance Education Policy 10-066 Technically Amended - Consolidation
8/26/19 Student Records Regulation 2.0021 Technically Amended - Consolidation
7/17/19 TB Screening Policy 33-003 Technically Amended - Consolidation
7/17/19 Immunizations Policy 33-002 Technically Amended - Consolidation
7/30/19 Tuition and Fees Regulation 4.0102 Technically Amended - Consolidation
7/29/19 USF Emergency Management Policy 6-010 Technically Amended - Consolidation
4/18/19 Admission to Baccalaureate Programs of University of South Florida Regulation 3.018 Technically Amended - Consolidation