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Title Regulation or Policy Number Category Institution
Academic Curricular OfferingsRegulationUSF3.038Academic AffairsSystem
Academic DisruptionRegulationUSF3.025Academic AffairsSystem
Academic Integrity of StudentsRegulationUSF3.027Academic AffairsSystem
Accounts ReceivableRegulationUSF4.009Business and FinanceSystem
Admission of Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Professional StudentsRegulationUSF3.008Academic AffairsSystem
Admission to Baccalaureate Programs of University of South Florida System InstitutionsRegulationUSF3.018Academic AffairsSystem
Associate in Arts DegreeRegulationUSF3.019Academic AffairsSystem
Benefits and Hours of WorkRegulationUSF10.203Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Benefits and Hours of Work (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.104Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Code of Conduct-Student Conduct Code (Student Code of Conduct)RegulationUSF6.0021Student SuccessSystem
Compensation (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.103Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Compensation (Staff)RegulationUSF10.202Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Conflicts of Interest in Interactions w/ Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, & Biotechnology (Limiting)RegulationUSF9.019USF HealthSystem
Course Deletion from Catalogs and Common Course Designation and Numbering SystemRegulationUSF3.017Academic AffairsSystem
Debt Collection - EmployeesRegulationUSF4.0095Business and FinanceSystem
Degree Requirements: Baccalaureate/UndergraduateRegulationUSF3.007Academic AffairsSystem
Direct Support Organizations and Health Services Support OrganizationsRegulationUSF13.002USF System ServicesSystem
Discipline, Misconduct, and Incompetence (Staff)RegulationUSF10.212Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Distribution of Material and Solicitation on CampusRegulationUSF6.026Administrative ServicesSystem
Endowment Trust Funds for Eminent Scholars and Challenge GrantsRegulationUSF11.002University AdvancementSystem
Ethical Obligations: Conflicts of Interest, Outside Employment, Employment of Relatives, Public OffcRegulationUSF10.107Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Evaluations (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.108Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Evaluations (Staff)RegulationUSF10.207Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Exemptions from General Accounting and Purchasing ProceduresRegulationUSF12.002Research & InnovationSystem
Faculty Practice PlanRegulationUSF9.017USF HealthSystem
Fees, Fines, and PenaltiesRegulationUSF4.0107Business and FinanceSystem
Financial AidRegulationUSF3.0120Academic AffairsSystem
Financial Aid Administration, Distribution and Use of Financial Aid ResourcesRegulationUSF3.0121Academic AffairsSystem
Graduate Degree RequirementsRegulationUSF3.009Academic AffairsSystem
Grievances (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.113Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Grievances - Administration, Staff, and Temporary EmployeeRegulationUSF10.213Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Hazing - Prohibition ofRegulationUSF6.0023Student SuccessSystem
Health Insurance for International Students and Research ScholarsRegulationUSF6.0162Student SuccessSystem
Inventions and WorksRegulationUSF12.003Research & InnovationSystem
LeasingRegulationUSF4.012Business and FinanceSystem
Misconduct and Incompetence (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.112Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Newspaper or Literature Containers on CampusRegulationUSF11.004Administrative ServicesSystem
Non-reappointment (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.110Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Non-reappointment (Staff)RegulationUSF10.210Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Notice of a Decision and Protest Procedures (for Procurement)RegulationUSF4.02020Business and FinanceSystem
Parking General Guidelines, Registration, Rates, and PenaltiesRegulationUSF4.0010Administrative ServicesSystem
Permanent Status (Staff)RegulationUSF10.204Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Personnel Files (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.109Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Personnel Files (Staff)RegulationUSF10.209Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Personnel Records - Limited-Access toRegulationUSF10.017Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Preschool for Creative Learning at USFRegulationUSF3.026Academic AffairsSystem
Presidential Search, Selection, Appointment, and EvaluationRegulationUSF10.101Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Procurement - GeneralRegulationUSF4.02000Business and FinanceSystem
Procurement of Commodities, Contractual Services, Motor Vehicles, and LicensesRegulationUSF4.02010Business and FinanceSystem
Promotion and Change in Assignment (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.106Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Promotion, Change In Assignment, Demotion, Transfer (Staff)RegulationUSF10.205Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Purpose of Chapter 10, Part I Faculty Personnel MattersRegulationUSF10.100Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Purpose of Chapter 10, Part II - Administration, Staff, and Temporary Personnel Matters (Staff)RegulationUSF10.200Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Recognition of Employees (Staff)RegulationUSF10.208Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Recruitment, Selection, & Appointment (Staff)RegulationUSF10.201Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.102Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Registration - StudentRegulationUSF4.0101Business and FinanceSystem
Registration Cancellation - Nonpayment of Tuition & Fees & Returned Tuition ChecksRegulationUSF4.010Business and FinanceSystem
Residence HallsRegulationUSF6.013Business and FinanceSystem
Restrictive Covenants - College of Medicine (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.114USF HealthSystem
Riverfront Park - Use of University of South FloridaRegulationUSF6.018Student SuccessSystem
Separations From Employment and Layoff (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.111Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Separations From Employment and Layoff (Staff)RegulationUSF10.211Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
SOCAT Health and Wellness InterventionsRegulationUSF6.0163Student SuccessSystem
Student Government AssociationsRegulationUSF6.028Student SuccessSystem
Student Health Services and The Counseling Center - Access toRegulationUSF6.0161Student SuccessSystem
Student OrganizationsRegulationUSF6.017Student SuccessSystem
Student RecordsRegulationUSF2.0021Academic AffairsSystem
Tenure (Faculty)RegulationUSF10.105Business & Financial Strategy/Human ResourcesSystem
Textbook and Instructional Materials AffordabilityRegulationUSF3.029Academic AffairsSystem
Traffic and Moving ViolationsRegulationUSF4.0011Administrative ServicesSystem
Trespassing and LoiteringRegulationUSF4.0140Administrative ServicesSystem
Tuition and FeesRegulationUSF4.0102Business and FinanceSystem
Veteran Students' Services and Award of Academic CreditRegulationUSF6.0025Student SuccessSystem
Waiver and Exemptions of Tuition and FeesRegulationUSF4.0108Business and FinanceSystem
Waste, Fraud, or Financial Mismanagement Prevention and DetectionRegulationUSF5.001USF System AuditSystem

Challenge a Regulation

A substantially affected person* may seek a determination of the invalidity of an existing regulation any time after the adoption of the regulation. The petition seeking such determination must state with particularity the grounds for alleging that the regulation is an invalid exercise of authority, and a sufficient explanation of the facts showing that the person challenging a regulation is substantially affected by it. A petition challenging a regulation shall be filed with the Agency Clerk, Office of the General Counsel, 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CGS 301, Tampa, FL 33620. (* See Florida Board of Governors Regulation Development Procedure or University Regulation and Policy Development Procedure)